Strange Parallels Between The Movie Get Out And Celebrities.



The Eight Prayer Watches


Prayer is a skill that takes much discipline. Its more than just a wish list that one is uttering to the Lord. It is one of the weapons, perhaps one of the most powerful, that we can use in any situation at any time. Prayer is strategic.  The eight prayer watches is a wonderful illustration of this. Below is a simple outline of the prayer watches. Continue reading “The Eight Prayer Watches”

Prophetic Word: Pedophilia Legal In The US


I’m going to share a prophetic word concerning the sexual perversion in the US. About 4 years ago I had a prophetic dream. I saw this girl rise to fame. At first she was with her friend, then she had fans. Soon she had left her friend behind and had a lot of fans and paparazzi. She walked towards a big building. In front of the building was a pastor with a gold chain around his neck. Continue reading “Prophetic Word: Pedophilia Legal In The US”