The Gift Of Tongues


I saw people talking in tongues for the first time when I was a kid. I was scared. It looked weird and sounded strange. I later learned that it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. I had no interest in this so called gift for many years. I wasn’t even fully persuaded it was a real gift anyway. Continue reading “The Gift Of Tongues”

Prophetic Word: Pedophilia Legal In The US


I’m going to share a prophetic word concerning the sexual perversion in the US. About 4 years ago I had a prophetic dream. I saw this girl rise to fame. At first she was with her friend, then she had fans. Soon she had left her friend behind and had a lot of fans and paparazzi. She walked towards a big building. In front of the building was a pastor with a gold chain around his neck. Continue reading “Prophetic Word: Pedophilia Legal In The US”

3 Prophetic Dreams: East Coast Tsunami, Florida Underwater


About a year ago I had a feeling that me and family would be moving outside the state of Florida . I knew it wasn’t anytime soon. It felt like it was something that would happen later, within 7 to 10 years. I wasn’t sure why I felt this way . I even priced houses in different  states and told my husband. Continue reading “3 Prophetic Dreams: East Coast Tsunami, Florida Underwater”

The Plight Of Shades of Grey

        When it comes to  religion the shades of grey are debatable. When it comes to God they are not. The shades of grey are all the areas of compromise. I lived in the shades of grey for a long time. I actually believed in God and Jesus but I still watched porn, fornicated, lied when I “needed to” drank and smoked. Christ was not real enough for me to pursue. He wasn’t real to me at all and I didn’t even know that He wasn’t real to me until I started trying to trust Him to help me.

Continue reading “The Plight Of Shades of Grey”