Bishop Says There Is No Hell




This is a wonderful example of how religion has nothing to do with experiencing God. This bishop is proof of how religion is manipulative, intimidating, and controlling. He has experienced this first hand. Even the tradition of Jesus as savior was nothing more than a tradition for him. When you do something just because someone is telling you to,  what you are doing is nothing more than a forced habit. Religion is not God. You can serve the church your whole life and never experience God. Continue reading “Bishop Says There Is No Hell”


Characteristics of the Python Spirit

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This spirit is a strongman. He is protected by other spirits and likes to stay hidden. This is a stubborn spirit and can stay hidden in a person’s life for many years even if they are consistent church goers. This is a religious spirit associated with witchcraft, sexually perverse dreams and is from the marine kingdom. This spirit will try to make a person believe he is gone although he is not. He will hide. Constantly ask the Lord to reveal every hidden thing so that there is nowhere for this spirit to hide! The Lords eyes are in every place!!

Continue reading “Characteristics of the Python Spirit”

Raven’s Home . . . Gay undertones?

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Raven’s Home the spin off of That’s so Raven is a true Disney hit. Raven captivates her audience with her charm and her wit. The show is one that the whole family can enjoy however there is no ignoring the subtle but more increasingly statement of well gay children and possible gay parents. Tess of course has “the look”. At the moment she is nothing more that a tomboy. Continue reading “Raven’s Home . . . Gay undertones?”