The movie Venom & Demonic Partnership


Venom on the surface is a very entertaining movie. However it gives way to a very sinister agenda and that is the embracing of demon possession. Carlton Drake , the mad scientist, is determined to mix human and alien creating “the perfect” creature and giving in to the delusion that humans would be better living in space sharing their bodies with aliens. Eddie, an over zealous reporter, accidentally allows himself to be infiltrated by the alien substance in an attempt to save his friend. Continue reading “The movie Venom & Demonic Partnership”

Abortion Law in New York glorifies Moloch


It is officially legal to kill a baby up until it is born in New York. “Non doctors” have been given authority to do this. Who are these non-doctors? This is a manifestation of the spirit of child sacrifice, Moloch. EVERYTHING that we see is a manifestation of what we don’t see. This law originated in the spirit and is straight from the kingdom of darkness. The spirit of child sacrifice is a demon that is being lifted up in New York City. The fact that this law was passed is proof of that. Continue reading “Abortion Law in New York glorifies Moloch”

The Pineal Gland . . . A means to seeing into the spirit realm.

pineal gland

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the pineal gland or what some refer to as the third eye. Some Christians get so worked up about hearing ”third eye” that they are not open to getting understanding about what it is and what is it for. So in a nutshell the pineal gland is a tiny cone shaped organ in  a liquid filled space in the center of the brain that  is responsible for producing melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone which regulates sleep patterns.  This tiny organ also has more mysterious functions which is further supported by what it is made out of. Continue reading “The Pineal Gland . . . A means to seeing into the spirit realm.”