About Kapri Way


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I was drawn to the unusual things in life at a young age. I examined, at the age of 13, things like space, death, cloning, angels, and other strange phenomena that have been considered as mysterious or controversial. As an adult, my interest in such things only intensified as I experienced things I didn’t understand, some of which were very intimidating and or scary. I was unsure of how God played a role in many of the things I experienced and therefore chose to remain ignorant or avoided them altogether. I experienced spirit walking, seeing in the spirit, prophetic dreams, and other occurrences in which I do not know how to explain.

As my relationship with God grew as I received help, guidance, and instruction on how to operate in the supernatural realm. Although I believe Jesus (Yeshua ) is my messiah, I do not like to call myself a Christian due to the confusion that surrounds this religion. Christianity has many counterparts, many of which are in opposition to one another. So to be clear Jesus is my Savior, the risen one, He died ascended into heaven and is returning for His people.