Bishop Says There Is No Hell




This is a wonderful example of how religion has nothing to do with experiencing God. This bishop is proof of how religion is manipulative, intimidating, and controlling. He has experienced this first hand. Even the tradition of Jesus as savior was nothing more than a tradition for him. When you do something just because someone is telling you to,  what you are doing is nothing more than a forced habit. Religion is not God. You can serve the church your whole life and never experience God.
So what about hell? Was it created by the church? In history where is the first mention of hell? Since history is debatable depending on who you ask anything that anyone says is subject to be proven as false. We see in primitive societies all over the world the mention of hell, hades, or purgatory way before the formation of the church. The “concept” of hell was around way before the church came into being so the church did not create it. However we do see throughout time how the church used hell as a way to get people to do what they wanted. Laws rooted in tradition were used to control people. So it wasn’t about having an experience with God but rather following different rules so the church can get people to serve its needs.
So how is it that this bishop says there is no hell and Jesus is just a tradition when so many other bishops from walks of life say something different? One could assume that some of the bishops go along with the lie of faith or salvation for tradition and church sake but what about the ex-Atheist or Jew or Buddhist who said they have experienced Jesus? What do they have to gain from saying Jesus is real? Also what about the millions of people who have had near death encounters all over the world who experienced hell? Many of these people didn’t even believe in hell. Is it reasonable to say that all these millions of people from all walks of life are disillusioned? Could it be that hell just might be real?
This bishop shared his experience regarding the church. An experience that unfortunately is very common. I wanted to hear him talk more about God since he is a bishop. However I would have to agree that religion, empty traditions, and the business of the church are definitely tools in which people are intimidated, manipulated, and controlled however they are not in any way proof there is no hell or Jesus.

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