Prophetic Dream: Sodom and Gomorrah in America


About a year ago I had a prophetic dream that was similar to that of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. (Genesis 19) My husband and I were at home. It was night time. We heard a loud knock at the door. We lived in fear, we knew that there was the possibility that whoever was at the door might try to hurt us. As my husband looked through the peep whole I hid in the laundry room that was next to the door. As my husband was looking in the peep whole this very large man forced his way into our apartment. He was maybe 6 to 7ft tall. He was very muscular with a bald head and he was naked. There was another smaller man with him that was clothed. The men did not see me. They took my husband into the room and raped him. I was very scared and sad.

This is a prophetic dream about trajectory for American. This is where it’s headed. The sexual sin is only increasing and the children of God have to stay before God so we can hear His instruction. Just like in Sodom in Gomorrah He always gives warning before distruction and provides a way out.


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